Welcome To Synapse

Welcome To Synapse

Redefining Online Interaction

synapse (noun)

si·naps – the point at which a nervous impulse passes from one neuron to another

Synapse Reveal

How To Use Synapse



Discover Synapse: the next step in data delivery and analytics. Synapse is a powerful tool for tracking and understanding how people interact with your website and digital ads. It’s all about connections – through something we call a Pulse.
A Pulse is a special kind of link. When someone clicks on it, Synapse tracks every visit, providing you with rich data. This isn’t just any tracking link, though. With Synapse, you have the freedom to update your content anytime, and all your Pulses will automatically lead to the new content. It’s like having a remote control for your campaigns.

Campaign Tracking

Synapse also brings your print materials to life with QR codes. Each Pulse comes with a QR code that ties your physical and digital marketing together. Scan it, and you can track print engagement just like digital. What will you do with this power? Launch a fun game, unveil hidden deals, collect inbound inquiries – the possibilities are endless.

Learn More About Your Audience

With every interaction, Synapse gathers important information, such as where the user is, when they visit, what device they are using, and more. This data isn’t just numbers; it’s the key to understanding and engaging your audience more effectively.
Synapse: your tool for bridging data and creativity, making every connection count.

Synapse + NFC

Explore the power of Synapse + NFC: a perfect blend of digital intelligence and physical interaction. This technology brings your products and services to life, making them interactive and trackable with a simple tap.

Here's What It Can Do

Retail Made Interactive

Imagine shoppers tapping their phones on a product to get instant details, reviews, and special deals. With Synapse + NFC, this is a reality. It gives you insight into what your customers love, helping you create tailor-made offers.

Smarter Events

Use NFC tags at events to make attending sessions, getting materials, and giving feedback easy. Synapse tracks this activity, helping organizers understand what works and improve future events.

Healthcare with a Personal Touch

Patients can access their treatment plans and schedules easily with a tap of their phone. This makes healthcare smoother and lets providers gather feedback and improve care.

Synapse + NFC turns everyday interactions into valuable insights, making your business smarter and more connected. Want more ideas? Check out our idea center to see how Synapse + NFC can revolutionize your operations.

Meet Reach

Say goodbye to impersonal AI chatbots and welcome a new era of genuine human connections. Reach isn’t just a tool; it’s a bridge between your business and your customers, providing a seamless, intuitive interface that resides discreetly in the bottom right corner of your website on every page.
With Reach, your visitors can effortlessly search your site, send email or text inquiries, or initiate a direct phone call with just a click. It’s about offering multiple paths for engagement, all through one sleek, integrated platform. But Reach goes beyond communication; it captures valuable data from each interaction, funneling it directly into Synapse. From there, the insights can be easily integrated into your preferred CRM systems, ensuring that no customer interaction is lost and every inquiry is a step towards a deeper customer relationship.

Fully customizable and brandable, Reach seamlessly aligns with your brand identity, enhancing your website’s aesthetic and user experience. It’s not just a plugin; it’s a commitment to customer service excellence, enabling more meaningful conversations and building stronger relationships. Experience the future of website engagement with Reach: where every interaction matters.

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